Top 10 Innovation Marketing Blogs

If you’ve created a new product and are wondering how to encourage early adoption (and viral spread), check out these blogs, which regularly feature advice that you might find helpful.  They’re also some of my favorites!

  1. How to Change the World – I’ve been a fan of Guy Kawasaki’s books and writing for many years.  His recent post on how to enchant customers is an example of why I’m a committed reader of the blog.
  2. Chris Brogan’s Blog – Tips and insights on marketing & all things related.
  3. Duct Tape Marketing Blog – Focused on small business, this blog offers many tips for marketing on a start-up budget.
  4. Copyblogger – More than just about copywriting, this blog covers tips for creating meaningful content (a great way to go viral!).
  5. Heath Brothers – The authors of Made to Stick and Switch have interesting insights into psychology and sociology, with many marketing applications (and examples).
  6. HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog – The blog offers a mix of strategies and tactics for online marketing.
  7. The Viral Garden – How to’s and tips for social media strategies and creating viral content.
  8. Influential Marketing – Plenty of tips and reviews of successful and floppy marketing campaigns.
  9. Viralogy – Focused on social commerce.  Although this site includes news about products from viralogy, it also has interesting coverage of the social commerce space and successful campaigns.
  10. Seth Godin’s Blog – Short & sweet food for thought.

What marketing blogs do you read?


About Anne
I'm a marketing professional with a deep passion for delivering a memorable Customer experience from the very first time a Customer encounters a brand. I have a strong focus on technology commercialization and marketing innovative products. While I was a student at the University of Toronto, I founded Young Inventors International, a not-for-profit organization that has worked with more than 2,000 university student innovators.

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